First wave of SDHistCon Winter Quarters 2024 events announced

Momentum continues to build for the first SDHist event of the year, online convention SDHistCon Winter Quarters 2024 on Feb. 3. Badges are still available, but are limited, so if you would like to reserve your spot, do so now! Ahead of the convention, the SDHist team is proud to present a first look at some of the events we’ll have available on that day. 

The current lineup of SDHistCon Winter Quarters 2024 events can be seen here. (Note that while these events are set to happen during the convention, they’re not open for attendee registration just yet, as their timeslots may still move.) Many more are in the works, but this is a first taste. Here are a few highlights of some of the many planned events so far:

Empire of the Sun opening: Japanese strategy: Designer Mark Herman (We The People, Churchill, Pericles) will walk attendees through strategic considerations for the opening Japanese moves in his famed Empire of the Sun strategic-level WWII Pacific game (2005, GMT Games).

Night Witches demo: Designers Liz Davidson and David Thompson (Undaunted, War Chest, Lanzerath Ridge) will show off their upcoming game (2024, Fort Circle Games) on female pilots of the Soviet 588th Night Bomber Regiment working together to fly harassment missions on the Eastern Front during WWII.

Spielworxx 2024 and beyond: Ulrich Blennemann, game designer, developer, and owner of famed publisher Spielworxx, will talk to attendees on what’s ahead for that company this year and going forward.

Sicily 43 – Gela Beachhead demo: Wolfgang Klein, owner of German design studio Assault Games and the co-designer of their upcoming game Assault Sicily 43, will demo this upcoming tactical-level wargame (2024, Assault Games), featuring both a dynamic campaign system and individual scenarios. This follows the first entry in the series, 2021’s Assault: Red Horizon, also designed by Klein and Erich Rankl.

Border Reivers demo: Designer Ed Beach (Here I Stand, Virgin Queen, Civilization VI) will show off his design  (2023, GMT Games) on Anglo-Scottish border raids between 1513 and 1603.

Order and Opportunity demo: Designer VPJ (Vez) Arponen (All Bridges Burning) will walk attendees through his 1-4 player design on the making of the post-Cold War World Order (upcoming, GMT Games).

These are just a few of the events already available to preview, and many more game demos, interviews, and panels are in the works. To make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting all-day event on Feb. 3, reserve your badge now!