Come join us online at SDHistCon Second Front 2024 on June 8!

The San Diego Historical Games Convention (SDHist) is proud to announce our next online convention: SDHistCon Second Front 2024.

This convention will take place all day on Saturday, June 8, from early in the morning European time to late at night Pacific time. Registration is open now for $10 and gets you access to a full day of designers, influencers, demos and gaming. Tickets are limited, so grab them while supplies last!

As at our in-person conventions and previous online events such as SDHistCon 2024 Winter Quarters, Second Front will feature a virtual panoply of major game designers and gaming industry professionals, who will be offering a host of individual events, including popular game tutorials and demos. Many of the designers attending SDHistCon Second Front will be showcasing their designs, providing insight into the history behind the game as well as effective playing strategies. Attendees can also submit events, and event submission is available as soon as you register. A full roster of events and participating designers will be available soon.

SDHistCon Second Front 2024 will utilize a few easy-to-use technologies such as Discord, the famed Vassal Gaming Engine, the web-based, Tabletop Simulator on Steam, Tabletopia, and official gaming apps, which enable you to engage your friends (and enemies!) across several continents in real time. We want to make your SDHistCon Second Front 2024 convention experience a memorable one, and we hope that you’ll make new gaming friends you can play with in the future.

Stay tuned for more information on SDHistCon Second Front 2024 as we get closer to the event!