Some highlights of SDHistCon Winter Quarters 2024, including full videos

Thanks to everyone who attended SDHistCon Winter Quarters 2024 on Feb. 3! Here are a few of the highlights of an amazing all-day convention.

Pre-convention discussion: Ahead of the event, Fred Serval interviewed Harold Buchanan about the Winter Quarters plans:

Opening night:Β The night before the convention started, Gary Mengle (Ardwulf) hosted a panel with Harold Buchanan, Volko Ruhnke, and Joe Schmidt on what to expect from the event:

Wargaming Africa:Β Designer Jason Matthews moderated a panel featuring Brian Train, Phil Kendall, Christopher Davis, and Yann de Villeneuve. The full panel video is below:

Mike Rinella on area-impulse games: Grant Linneberg interviewed Rinella on his remarkable career of game design, including Shifting Sands: The Campaign for North Africa 1940-1943 through Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden, Stalingrad: Advance to the Volga, 1942, and more. Here’s the full interview:

Patrick’s Tactics and Tutorials Combat Commander introduction: Patrick of Patrick’s Tactics and Tutorials provided a great introduction to the Combat Commander system:

New releases from Ryan Heilman and Hermann Luttman: Ryan and Herman talked about the many exciting designs they have in the pipeline:

Playing With History in the Digital Age: Riccardo Masini gave a great presentation on the impact of digital technologies and social media on historical games:

Clio on written historical gaming content: Clio of Clio’s Board Games (read his con recap here) spoke to SDHistCon’s Andrew Bucholtz (author of this post) on his process for creating historical gaming content, including after-action reports with mass participation and historical flair:

Wrap-up show with Mark Herman, John Butterfield, Harold Buchanan and more: Gary Mengle (Ardwulf) hosted this wrap-up show, looking back at the con and looking forward to what’s ahead for SDHist:

Here are some of the many other demos, presentations, and panels that took place throughout the day at SDHistCon Winter Quarters 2024:

Thank you to everyone who attended SDHistCon Winter Quarters 2024! We hope to see you again soon, whether at our next online con on June 8, at SDHistCon East at the Naval War College Museum in Newport, RI from August 8-11, or at our main SDHistCon Summit convention in San Diego from Nov. 8-11. More details on all of those events will follow here soon!