Event tickets available Saturday for SDHistCon Second Front 2024!

We’re getting closer to the second SDHistCon online convention of 2024, Second Front on June 8. This convention will run from early in the morning Central European Time to late at night Pacific Time on that Saturday: registration is on sale now for $10.

Ahead of the convention, the SDHist team is working hard to finalize a schedule for all the incredible events we have planned. Some of the events already scheduled, featuring many top designers, publishers, and more, can be seen here. More events are being added, and some times may change, but this is a first look at some of the many events that will be on offer.

Around that, attendees looking to plan their schedule for SDHistCon Second Front can get free event tickets through that above schedule link (also here) beginning at noon Pacific this Saturday, May 25. As with our last online convention, tickets won’t be necessary for online events; given the quantity of events and the high capacity of the online meeting, we are going to allow attendees to move freely between meetings. You can still have a ticket buy option for events, but these free tickets are only to help you keep track of what you want to attend. Note this will also give organizers an indication of participation for each event.

Tickets should be offered in large enough numbers for each event that they will not run out. For game demos, event organizers will solicit players as needed from the viewers in attendance, and all in the room will be able to watch the action and hear the narrative—just as we have done in the past.

As always, we appreciate your support. We look forward to seeing you at SDHistCon Second Front 2024!